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Manchester Metropolitan urban gardening society               



Hello and welcome to the Urban Gardening Society!


If you love to see the seed you nourished sprout, the plant bear fruit, the flower bloom;

If you want to see tomato plants on campus, strawberry bushes behind the store, bunches of mint by the bus stop;

If you long to see your sister grow her own cress, your roomie apply for an allotment, your best friend buy a gardening book; 

..Then we want to see you amongst us!


This year we want to get our hands dirty doing some guerilla gardening across Manchester and planting trees in the beautiful Hebden Bridge. We might also be able to send some of our members for a great gardening course at the Hulme Community Garden Centre. We will also work on our new allotment and last but not least, we will continue with our on-campus garden project where committed members are needed to ensure its completion and survival! 




» Visit the News page for information on upcoming events and meetings.

» Visit the Resources page for links and documents.

» Read about our garden project at the John Dalton campus.

» Read about what is going on at our new allotment.

» Pictures can be found here.


Contact: If you have any questions (or ideas, for that matter), don't hesitate to visit our facebook page or follow us on twitter @I_DIG_MMUGS. Or you could always e-mail us at

Cost: The membership is free.
If you would like to join us, click on the "add to basket" button at the top of the page. Then click on "continue to checkout" on the right of the screen to finalise the process. To check if you are in fact a member, please click on "memberships", which also is to the right of the screen. If you experience any problems, please e-mail the students' union for help or go to the student activities office on the 2nd floor of the union building.

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